NOW REGISTERING!Carden School of Tehachapi is now accepting registeration for grades Pre-K through 6th, for the 2016-2017 school year. Call us today at (661)822-9565 to find out more information and schedule a campus tour!
SUMMER VACATIONThe last day of school is May 26th, and is a minimum day. Happy Summer Vacation!
PRESCHOOL ENROLLMENTNow enrolling Preschool students ages 3-5. Our classes are filling up fast! Call (661) 822-9565 to find out more information and schedule a campus tour today!
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    Office Hours: 8 AM-3:30 PM, Monday through Friday

    Phone: (661) 822-9565

    Fax: (661) 822-9744

    Location: 20419 Brian Way, Tehachapi, CA 93561

  • Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow.
    Carden School of Tehachapi is a private corporation dedicated to academic excellence and places emphasis on the development of character and moral values, providing its students with background and training to become responsible citizens.  Carden School of Tehachapi has been offering private school education to the community of Tehachapi, CA since 1979.


    Carden School of Tehachapi offers students and families numerous educational and extracurricular benefits, such as small class sizes, a nurturing environment, caring dedicated teachers whom teach a non-common core curriculum, after school daycare, enrichment programs, and  most importantly, students who are kind to one another, enthusiastic about school, and love to learn. The students at Carden School of Tehachapi consistently achieve high SAT scores, go above and beyond when meeting their quarterly reading goals, win awards in the Kern County science fair, participate in community service, learn sign language and Spanish (beginning in Preschool), begin to learn how to type in 1st grade, and complete amazing art projects in their very own single subject art class. Carden's small class sizes allow the teachers to ensure every student is challenged and engaged. The overall objective of the school is to awaken in each student the natural desire to learn, and to equip him or her with a solid foundation of academic skills and basic knowledge.


    The Carden curriculum concerns itself with the development of the "whole child". It is highly individualized in approach, meeting the particular needs of the learner. The curriculum at Carden School is taught according to the Carden Method and is designed to help each child maintain a high standard of academic achievement.


    Carden School provides a total curriculum in which all subject matter is interrelated and taught sequentially. In this system, the children are thoroughly instructed in the basic skills of learning. The Carden Method offers a full liberal arts education. Each succeeding grade level builds on the foundation placed during the previous year. The Carden curriculum meets the California Content Standards for each grade level.